Vladimir Putin

Yves Doutriaux

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France's perspective on the economic, financial and commercial policies of the European Union. A review of recent events over the last few years. Europe's economic and financial prospects at the beginning of 1995. France's three priorities for Europe: a return to economic growth and job creation; the establishment of a single currency; the continued opening of Europe's economy to the outside world. Planned activities. Reducing structural barriers to job growth. Beginning work on the 14 European infrastructure projects. Building the information highway. Three new countries. Preparing for the establishment of a monetary union and a single currency. Addressing security concerns co-operatively. Several conferences and accords. Participation in setting up the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Linking commerce with the environment and commerce with social standards. New initiatives. Renewing Europe's institutions. Playing an essential role in international affairs. Exporting to Canada the famous principle of subsidiarity enshrined in the Treaty of Maastricht: a way to settle the matter of the relations between the federal government and the provinces.