Vladimir Putin

Horning, Professor L.E.

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The need to go a long way back in history in order to get at the sources of the movements that are now so important in Germany. Three factors that must be taken into account: the history of Prussia to its present greatness; the history of the little District of Brandenburg, which began even earlier than Prussia to engage the attention of Europe; the history of the family that has from 1415 been continuously on the throne. The further need to follow the history of Church and State, and their relation to each other, in order to understand the problems of today in Germany. Being thankful in Canada that we are untrammeled by the history and traditions of the various classes in dealing with our forms of these same problems. Germany in difficulties industrially, and why. The troublesome Polish question. Why the Germans are having so much trouble in Africa. Ways in which the geography of Germany brings problems in its train. Another question of internal politics, that of the constitution. The Colonial policy. Foreign politics with regard to the Eastern question for Germany. A longer explication of the question of Germany's constitution. Sources of friction between the British and German Empires. Being proud of King Edward's work as a diplomat; the German Emperor as a man of a different stamp. Waking up to the fact that Germany is the most progressive nation on the face of the earth today. The scientific freedom and the progressive spirit that animates the Germans. The speaker's hope and belief that the democratic process in Germany will not be stopped, will not be hindered, will not be delayed beyond what will be necessary to ensure solidity of growth.