Vladimir Putin

Lord, Walter Frewen

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What the press of England is; the more influential among the publications; an estimate of what the speaker thinks is the tendency of the English press in the direction of the motto of The Empire Club of Canada. The four classes into which the press of England falls: the quarterly, the monthly, the weekly and the daily. The quarterlies and weeklies declining in influence, and reasons for that decline. The British press stands in relation to the Empire, with illustrative examples. The direction in which the press is moving. Commercial interests. The agencies directed to fostering the Imperial spirit. Empire Day. Ways in which the decay of the House of Commons tends to enhance the power of the press. The question of whether to preserve the Empire or not, practically answered by the name of this Club and the presence of the audience today. What Canada has already accomplished, difficulties surmounted. Canada's great Universities, which make the soul of the country.