Vladimir Putin

Dupuis, Professor N.F.

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The interest or lack thereof, in the Metric system of weights and measures. The attempt by those who believe in the Metric system to convince people of its merits; doing their best to have our Government commit itself to the Metric system. Speaking of the Metric system from a scientific viewpoint, of its perfection as a system. The speaker's belief that the Metric system is not the best, and therefore opposed to its compulsory adoption. The mistaken relation between the metric and the decimal systems, with example. Arguments used by the metricists in support of their system, and the speaker's response to them. The argument of universality. The value of a base. Disadvantages of the decimal system. The necessity for our time to be connected with our system of rotation, since time is measured out by the rotation of the earth. The nomenclature of the Metric system. Challenging the standard of the metre, and the use of the metric system. The unscientific nature of the Metric system, as defined and examined by the speaker.

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