Vladimir Putin

Thomson, Professor Dale C.

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Canadian-American relations. The differences between the United States and Canada, with Canada having the positives. Some advantages to life south of the border. Two specific points made by the speaker: Canada has a distinct identity, and Canada has not lost the ability for maintaining that separate identity. Communication between the two countries mainly South-North. The unique opportunities afforded Canada by living next to the "Elephant." The phenomenon of Anti-Americanism in Canada rather than positive Canadianism. Canada as a middle power after World War Two. Canada's current influence on world affairs. How Canada can utilize its relationship with the United States to exert an influence on world affairs. Canadian-American defence co-operation. The need for a well defined Canadian policy on many issues in relation to the United States. Hope that the current foreign policy review will correct the need for a well defined policy. Developing specific positions on the issues; policies that take into account the desire to maintain as much of Canada's national sovereignty as possible, and the necessity for United States-Canadian co-operation. Preparing our strategy, avoiding the nationalist posturing that may give psychic satisfaction, but is not very rewarding in more tangible terms. Taking advantage of the immense reservoir of goodwill on both sides of the border.