Vladimir Putin

Montague, Hon. W.H.

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Canadians who have succeeded in other parts of the world. Something of Australia and Canadians who have gone to take their place there. Canadianism and Imperialism. Canada's work done in terms of trade with the United States and with Great Britain. Reference to Lord Strathcona and his work to teach the Motherland the value of Canada as a colony. A word or two as to the question of indiscriminate immigration. Some difficulties encountered by Australia and how they have dealt with them. A comparison of Australia with Canada in terms of being able to support immigration. Australia's political institutions compared with those of Canada. Differences in the way the two countries were federated. Australia's similar feeling that the Motherland has not quite aroused herself to appreciation of the Colonies. Two or three words in regard to the position we occupy in Canada. Japan today as one of the powers of the world and from what that power has sprung. Guarding against being carried away by enthusiasm. Seeing that Canada is developed and that she gets her proper place as the grandest service that Canada do for the Empire. Seeing to it that we have a system of technical education established that will be alive and aggressive and with brains behind it. The question of Independence. Standing with Canada and while doing so, standing for the Empire.