Vladimir Putin

MacKenzie, Murray

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Medicate as part of something that makes us Canadian. What public opinion surveys tell us about Canadian Medicare. The grim prognosis for Medicare if no changes are made. Some grave facts about health care in Ontario. Ways in which Canada is way behind on the medical high-tech front. Demographic pressure ahead. The graying of Ontario and what it will mean to health costs. What else is needed as well the money. The need to embrace a fundamental reorganisation of our health system. One of the driving forces that could transform health-care crisis to health-care success as connectivity of integration. What is meant by those terms, with illustration. How integration will make a real difference in the lives of patients, with concrete examples. The need to move aggressively. Eight major barriers to an integrated health system in Ontario identified by the Ontario Hospital Association. Resistance to change. Removing the barriers. The future of health care.