Vladimir Putin

Yaremko, The Hon. John

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Canada's standard of living. Poverty as a relative term. New terms for which it is important to have a clear understanding: "Social Services" and "Social Assistance," with some examples of what they mean. An examination of several existing Social Assistance programmes to see how well they meet the criteria as outlined. Programmes reviewed are: Family and Youth Allowances; Old Age Security; Guaranteed Income Supplement; Social Assistance Programmes in Ontario. Following is an "Evaluation of Programmes" and a discussion of "Public Acceptance" and "Public Acceptance and Legal Rights." The address concludes with a look at the importance of information to an applicant for social assistance. Rights of the applicant, and publications available through the speaker's department. Some summary and conclusive remarks about Ontario's specific programmes, fiscal responsibility, use of tax dollars, and developing simpler administrative techniques. The universal nature of the systems. The legal right to social assistance in Ontario. The hope that by improving communications channels there can develop more public acceptance of selective social assistance programmes.