Vladimir Putin

Von Weizacker, His Excellency Dr. Richard

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The Federal Republic of Germany as Canada's fourth largest export market. Some figures about trade between Germany and Canada. The radical transformation taking place in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe from Communist dictatorship to democracy. Integrating these embryonic market economies into the world economy as quickly and thoroughly as possible, to everyone's interest. The fate of Eastern Europe and how it affects us all. The significance of these changes for Germany. An exploration of the reunification of Germany. Germany as a Western country, and as a partner both of the European community and of the Atlantic Alliance. Directing activities to the whole of Europe. All issues now to be dealt with together. The change of building a peace order in Europe. Remarks about Canada's interest in the development of Europe and Germany. The desire for an open market, a world market, a free-world market. The final aim to bring human rights and peace to a continent which has been devastated so many times by war.