Vladimir Putin

Jays, Dr. Tom

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A mistake to think that the whole of the West African possessions are as deadly as certain portions on the coast. A great healthy section in the interior which, as the country develops, will become a big factor in the work of the Empire. Pointing out on the map the portions of the Empire which are called West Africa, and specific places and geographical features. Some statistics to show the wonderful way that this country is going ahead. The inability of the country to develop without the negro. The lack of numbers of white people in this region. Advances due to the natives. Security for property and therefore prosperity going forward by leaps and bounds. Arguments against statements about the laziness of the negro. The part played by the missionaries in bringing forward the industrial side of development. Anecdotes to illustrate characteristics of the natives. The problem of alcohol. Some facts about the liquor traffic people, the traders, and the Government officials in West Africa. Railways and other facilities for trade. Products available for trade. The responsibility of Great Britain with regard to the development of Africa.