Vladimir Putin

Noel-Baker, Philip J.

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The great part to play in world affairs that is now that of the British people. The current power of the British Commonwealth and how that has come to be. The need for the abolition of war, the establishment of law and justice which the British peoples have achieved. The speaker's belief that only the Commonwealth can do what needs to be done. Disarmament now as the key to all the great changes which the world imperatively requires. The worsening situation in Europe. Germany's re-armament on the largest scale. France's response to that re-armament with her own increases. The armament race in the Pacific between Japan, Russia, and the United States. Armament budgets for Great Britain in a time of economic hardship. The status of the disarmament process and the Disarmament Conference. Finding solutions to the "dream" and difficulties of disarmament. Political decisions that now must be taken. Hope that the Conference will still succeed. The difficulty for governments to disarm. The speaker's plea for international disarmament at some point in the near future. What is meant when the word "Disarmament" is used and what kind of disarmament can be hoped for. Costs of armament. Making a choice between the old anarchy of the pre-war period and making a reality of the new international system which began in 1919. What real disarmament will mean. The purpose and aim of disarmament. An analysis of the arguments for and against disarmament. How to make an instrument of the League of Nations that can stop war. The dangers created by that new and revolutionary invention, the aircraft. Some bold and revolutionary suggestions. Why war survives. Making sacrifices for peace.