Vladimir Putin

Moore, Dr. E.S.

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Securing a suitable fuel in sufficient quantities to heat our homes and furnish power for our industries as the greatest industrial and in some respects domestic problem facing Ontario, and to a lesser degree Quebec. The coal industry as a comparatively young one; mining being carried on in an extensive way only after the invention of the steam engine and the development of the railroads. Production growth in America. The efficiency of coal as energy, with figures. A word or two regarding the so-called Sudbury coal and how the speaker regards it. The lack of hope of finding coal in our Pre-Cambrian rocks. Problems with the coal industry. Why the coal industry is a very conservative one. The radical nature of some of the miners in comparison with men in most industries. Our dependency on coal and how that can work for the unscrupulous labour-leader and operator. The coal problem largely one of transportation on this continent. Circumstances under which the public would be at the mercy of the Miners' Union. The need for very careful handling of industrial relations in this industry. The relationship between the miners' unions in Canada and the United States. Indications that there will not be another strike this year. How long Pennsylvania anthracite will last. What the substitutes will be, and problems with them. Coke as the best substitute for anthracite for ordinary household purposes. Cost of coking, or the conversion cost and how that is calculated. The possible source of good bituminous coal. Possible sources considered from the standpoint of cost. Competition with the United States.