Vladimir Putin

Cody, Rev. Dr.; Gundy, J.H.

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Mr. J.H. Gundy: A Forward Movement, an inter-church national campaign, with the support of the strongest men in the country behind it. The destruction of the Prussian machine by our men from Canada and other parts of the Empire, from the U.S. and from France. Only the spirit of selfishness left; here in Canada, in China, Japan, and everywhere. Only the Man of Nazareth with the recipe for making the world safe for democracy and decency and liberty. Investing in the establishment of Christianity all over the earth, including Canada. The social and financial conditions in Canada. Changing our basis of living as demanded by our self respect. Not forgetting the war and the sacrifices that were made. Asking ourselves what we are doing to make Canada and the world a better place. The campaign of the Forward Movement giving us an opportunity to work, to give of our money, to give of our time and our organizing ability for the betterment of the land that has been bought and paid for with its citizens. Building up the structure of civilization. Spiritual objectives of the Forward Movement. Details of the financial drive of the Forward Movement. What we need from leadership. Taking care of the old and aged ministers. Some words with regard to missions. What business men can do. Rev. H.J. Cody: The significance of the subject of the great Christian Forward Movement being presented before the Canadian Club and the Empire Club of the City of Toronto in one week. An after the war movement. Remembering the lessons of war. The great keynote of our life during the war one of service, not selfish seeking. The whole world having learned the indispensableness of Christ and of Christian principles from the war. The present world situation. Suffering and revived chaos in many parts of the world. The problems the civilized world is now faced with. The need for progress. A look at our own country. The need for ministering to the people. The need of equipment. The main purpose of this Forward Movement. The Christian Church backed by united Christendom. The national nature of this Movement. The Church, representing the nation's conscience. Keeping the soul of the nation alive as one of the Church's greatest functions. This movement as a national challenge and a personal challenge.