Vladimir Putin

Gillies, Dean James M.

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An analysis of the situation whereby the speaker thinks Canada is doing very well in terms of management education, yet statistics show that productivity of the Canadian economy in general is about 20 per cent below that of the United States and, in manufacturing, according to the Economic Council of Canada, about 35 per cent less. Explanations but no proof of why this is so. The lack of trained managers in Canada and the need for educational institutions in Canada to be responsive to business needs and interested in management education. Comparing programmes and educational institutions that offer business courses in Canada and the United States. Watching what the Ford Foundation is doing as an indicator of what should be happening in Canada. Comparing Canada with countries other than the United States. Improving management education in Canada: what we are doing and what could be done. The opportunity to develop programmes for education in management with the flexibility of the new. Some non-traditional approaches. Broadening the education of management students. The state of York's Faculty of Administrative Studies in its fifth year of operation, and as one of the largest in Canada. A description of York's programmes. After graduation. Building great schools of business administration and great faculties of administrative studies in Canada.