Vladimir Putin

Lacoste, Francis

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Peoples and Nations in a Changing World: a nose count of humanity and then a blood count. An historical and scientific look at population then, now, and in the future. Problems inherent in such population growth. The issues of nuclear war and peace. A look at various theories. Time to ask ourselves the final questions. "What is it that matters more than life? What, in this tremendous debate about the moral issues involved in peace and war, is the limit of our responsibility?" How the speaker feels that peace can best be preserved. A discussion of state or nation. The inherent artificiality of a very large part of the present political set-up on our planet. The extreme instability and precariousness of that set-up. Changes too fast for our antiquated system to follow. Starting to lay our base camps for a better attack on the not so distant major problems which are beginning to loom on the horizon.