Vladimir Putin

Williams, William E.

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Three points the speaker wishes to make before detailing his recent travels. Briefly, they are that he will not simply state encyclopedia-like facts; that in almost 37,000 miles of travel he saw nothing of the "anti-American" attitude; and third, that throughout the world there is a definite drive toward nationalism expressing itself in almost all of the under-developed countries attempting to get on an industrial basis as rapidly as possible, and what that has meant for them. In the description of his travels, many subjects are discussed, including the following. Tokyo, Japan, the Japanese, democracy in Japan, trade with Japan, including some figures. Hong Kong and its booming business and industry. Thailand's seeming isolation. Cambodia's famous ruins of Angkor Wat. India as a country of contrasts. Pakistan's nationalism. Turkey's inflationary course of trying to industrialize far too rapidly. Greek prosperity. The blessings of Canada.