Vladimir Putin

Brickner, Rabbi Barnett R.

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The entire world in a state of flux; upset in its attempt to devise a new common denominator by which to divide the products of man's labour. Facing a paradox of a period of famine amidst plenty. In the midst of a very intensified knowledge, by the failure of a worn-out system of the past to fit in with present conditions. The world today now one of economic co-relationship. The speaker's belief that the extreme gravity of the world's crises cannot be exaggerated. Some illustrative examples. The possibility that we are at the end of one era in history and at the beginning of another. A hasty review of the world picture as it strikes the pivotal countries of the world, with figures of unemployment and other economic indicators. The situation in the United States, and in Great Britain. The need for free exchange. The folly of protectionist tariffs. The world crying for a humanization of the economic processes of life. The time for the great prophetic principles to be put into economics. The time for the nations of the world to convene an international convention to formulate all tariffs. The situation in France. The French plan at Geneva. France's suggestion that the League of nations be removed. Germany and the great menace of Hitler. An examination of Adolf Hitler. The danger ahead for Europe if Hitler gets into power. Some words about Russia. What might happen in Europe if there is no adjustment of the economic situation in the world. The issue of war debt reparations. What Keyne's saw and wrote about in his book "The Economic Consequences of Peace," written in 1919. The Humpty Dumpties of reparation war debts. The question of Geneva. The real issue behind the Geneva Conference the Treaty of Versailles. Why there can be no disarmament while the Treaty of Versailles stands. The need for France to realize that if she does not disarm, then sooner or later Germany will re-arm. Time for the world to understand the need of revising the whole Treaty of Versailles. Words on the Sino-Japanese situation. Japan thinking in terms of world supremacy. Facing the reality of the need for France, England and the United States to have a display of force toward the Japanese. The speaker's advocacy as a last resort of the use of the economic boycott. Some concluding words on the outlook for the world.