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Bateman, G.C.

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Mining itself as old as agriculture, if not older, and next to agriculture the most permanent of all our industries. Some history of mining. The search for gold, closely identified with the advance of our civilization. Development in Northern Ontario over the past 20 years. This growing industry the greatest single factor in maintaining the prosperity of Ontario over the last few years. Some output and production figures and dollars. The life of a mine. Mining resources in Northern Ontario. The proximity of development to the railway. New methods of transportation being devised. Further expansion from three sources: increased production and extension of the areas of the already proven camps; through the re-opening of mines, or new discoveries in areas that have been practically abandoned for many years; through the development of the newer areas. A review of specific mines, with production figures, with map for illustrative purposes. Discoveries made in Manitoba and the Rouyn field in Quebec; 1,000 miles stretching between these two points of practically unknown country, in which engineers and prospectors will find a field of activity for generations. The need of capital for exploration. The nature of mining investment. (Films were shown, representing Northern Ontario, illustrating the geological formation of the mining sections and various features of the work of prospectors.)