Vladimir Putin

Browne, Major-General B.W.

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The Reserve Army, today new in its tasks and its opportunities. The Reserve Army formerly known as "the militia." A description and history of the Militia. The Military Act, amended in 1927. The revulsion against military service following the first World War. Forgetting that the price of peace has always been, and will always be, eternal vigilance and practical preparedness. The nucleus of 40,000 officers and men who worked faithfully with so little encouragement in the twenty years of peace, building into the Active Army of Canada of today. The role of the Non-Permanent Active Militia. New roles by November, 1940. The re-designation as the Reserve Army. Purposes of the re-designation: to emphasize the operational role of the force as distinct from the major "aid to the civil power role" and to omit the word "militia" and emphasize that this force of citizen soldiers would be part of the regular army and not merely a side issue to it. The duties of the Reserve Army, and the responsibilities for which it is training. A description of the Reserve Army. Who may join the Reserve Army. The type of men that are already in, and who are wanted, in the Reserve Army. The time required for training. Training activities, with examples. The equipment of the Reserve Army. The current strength of the Reserve Army. Recruiting more men. Support given by many leading Toronto employers. The possibility of compulsory service in the Reserve Army. Roles for women in the war. The "esprit de corps" of the Reserve Army throughout Canada. The Cadet Services, re-designated as the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. A look back in order that we may better foresee and predict the course of the future. Veterans from the old Militia in the Royal Canadian Navy and in the Royal Canadian Air Force. A place of value and of honour in Canadian history for the Reserve Army.