Vladimir Putin

Mckay, Rev. Dr. R.P.

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Travelling in the East and feeling grateful that one is a British subject. Feeling the influence of Britain when passing through the Continent of Europe. Britain's position in India: what she has done and what the opportunities of the future are to be. India as great, almost, as the whole of Europe with older nationalities, older nobilities, older religions, and older hostilities. Criticism against Britain's activities in India and the speaker's response to it. The feeling that exists among some of the older families of India. India as the greatest architectural country in the world. The matter of British justice, and fiscal justice. The reclamation of water for the whole country. Prospects for another mutiny in India. Improvements in Education under British control. Looking forward to independence. The need for the caste system to be got rid of. An explanation of the irritation in India today. Religion in India. The issue of self-government in India. The British alliance with Japan that controls the East today. Great change taking place in China and Korea. Changing attitudes toward Christian missions. Putting a better sentiment, a Christian sentiment, into these countries of the East.