Vladimir Putin

Stewart, Dr. Herbert Leslie

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The importance of the settlement of the Palestinian problem for us all. A discussion of the relation of Palestine to the project called The United Nations. What must happen to the UNO if it fails to solve this difficulty. The purpose of the UNO. The issue of the failures of the UNO and perhaps the need to redescribe its purpose. A succinct list of what the speaker is not going to talk about. One perfectly clear question to which the speaker is going to address: "That is, if UNO fails this time, how can it ever succeed, because this question [of Palestine] was one which we might have judged singularly suited to UNO's machinery." The sort of question with which the UNO might be expected to deal. A forgotten quotation from the Arab representative at the Conference of Versailles in 1919, indicating a deep sympathy with the Zionist Movement. "We will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home." Some words from T.E. Lawrence. The Palestinian problem of today as a heritage largely due to the weakness with which the Nazi enterprise was handled and a policy of acquiescence was tried. Conclusions of various Commissions. Partition. The principle of partition that was not satisfactory to either Jews or Arabs. Response by each. The proper attitude for the distinterested world authorities in these circumstances. Parables told for illustration of the problem. An analogy between the Arabs and Northeast Ulster and the Jewish Agency and the Irish Nationalist Party. The UNO learning some lessons from the situation of Eire and North Ulster with the British Empire. The upcoming departure of the Western Powers from Palestine. The resignation of the Mandate by Britain on May 15. What will happen on that day. Looking for a rescue from this situation over the next three weeks.