Vladimir Putin

Siegfried, Dr. Herbert

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1959 as the United Nations' "World Refugee Year." The refugee question as one of the most serious world problems of our century. The crucial question of refugees in the Federal Republic of Germany following the war and for her future course and development. The number of German expellees and refugees. A definition of those terms. A brief history or background to the current situation. The size of Germany in 1937 and now. The situation with regard to expellees, refugees, and displaced persons. Post-war reconstruction and aid. Effects of the "Basic Law," "Equalization of Burdens," and a "General Law of Expellees and Refugees." A comparison of Germany before and after World War II. The political relationship between the Soviet Union and the two Germanys. The question of "How far can the new Germany be trusted?" or "Is German democracy reliable?" An exploration of those questions. Alternatives to a partitioned Germany. The pursuit of policies of reconciliation, surrender of sovereignty, integration with their neighbours, faithful partnership, and close cooperation with all free countries of the world by the 52 million free Germans.