Vladimir Putin

Hambro, Carl J.

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What is really meant by the term "Government in exile." Norway as the only country in Europe that has continued after the invasion to pay the full interest and amortization quota on all its external loans. One of the first duties of Norway's Government in exile to try to build up again the fighting forces of Norway. The Government of Norway as the only government in exile which is under the specific protection of its Constitution, and how that is so. The attempts to build up an Air Force, Navy, and Army. Details of successes. What the Norwegian merchant marine has meant for the war effort. The home front in the occupied countries in Norway and Europe. Resistance to the Germans by Norwegians. The bravery and resolve of the Norwegians. How the Norwegian Church took the offensive against the Germans. The futility of the Germans killing leaders in a democratic country where any man or woman is a potential new leader. The desire to build a future world organization based on practical hard realities. The role of the smaller countries in a future world peace. The fear of a premature peace. The lack of demand for revenge or private retaliation. Who must be heard at any future Peace Conference. Reconciling the tortured nations of Europe and Asia through a just Peace. The need to win the Peace as well as the War.