Vladimir Putin

Funston, George Keith

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Problems concerning the employment of capital in national and international channels--employment in such a manner as to secure the greatest benefit for each country and for each individual concerned. Benefits that are social, and political and economic in nature. The speaker's belief that Canada and the United States have come closer to a workable solution of the investment problem than any other nations or team of nations. Foreign investments from the U.S. to Canada; some dollar figures. The significance of this investment in terms of the relationship between our two countries. A magnificent example of international trust, respect and confidence. A discussion of this unimpeded flow of capital and whether or not it should be seen as an encroachment on the sovereign rights of either country. A look at securities exchanges in London, New York, Toronto. Securities exchanges as an integral part of the capitalistic system without which that economy cannot function. It is on our exchanges that the close mesh between the economic interests of Canada and the U.S. is clearly expressed. Capitalism flourishing in the U.S. and Canada to a degree unknown elsewhere and why that is so. Our mobility of capital producing a condition of daily life which is abhorrent to Russian theorists. Emphasizing the need for spreading share ownership by pointing out that our industries need billions of dollars to make further growth possible. Remarks quoted from the "London Economist" on the stock exchange and investment. U.S. basic policy which revolves around the objective of public ownership as the means of production. Studies and surveys undertaken to meet that objective. A look at Federal tax policy and securities regulations. Closer cooperation between the U.S. and Canada in the future. Some examples. The importance of the restoration of private overseas investment to its traditional, its essential, position in world affairs. Canada's contribution to world recovery and mutual defense since the War. Encouraging the international flow of private capital: three things necessary to do so.