Vladimir Putin

Davidson, Mrs. John F.

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Ladies Day. Some personal background of the speaker, of events that influenced the person she became. Peace at the core of Britain's new responsibilities. A British election taking place today. A recapitulation of the early happenings in the Spring with intensified activity in Britain, members of the Foreign Staff being dispatched to many capitals of Europe. This and other events which combined to give us a sense of a new statesmanship which recognizes that there is a vast power in the British Empire which has a definite responsibility in leading the world at this crucial period of world history. Britain trying to make out of the League of Nations with its collective principle, a real world reality. Britain's primary concern today peace and actions that have emanated from this point of view. The importance of Britain's support of the collective principle of the League of Nations. Difficulties in the world financial and trade situation that have resulted in that undesirable economic behaviours known as economic nationalism, the tightening of trade barriers, the institution of tariffs, the institution of quotas, bonuses, subsidies and so forth, all of which leads to political tensions. The need to tackle these problems if war is to be abolished. Some thoughts of Sir Samuel Hoare, Britain's Foreign Minister. Risks and dangers in this role of responsibility that Great Britain has taken on.