Vladimir Putin

DuMoulin, Right Rev. J.P.

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A descriptive travelogue across Canada. A description and tribute to those fine old Maritime Provinces. Proceeding westward by two great routes: the magnificent St. Lawrence or the Intercolonial Railway, "the product of the greatest man who ever governed Canada." Reaching beautiful Quebec. Montreal and the great lessons that one learns from this beautiful city. The proud city of Toronto. Taking the train to Owen Sound and then proceeding by the beautiful waterway to Sault Ste. Marie. The outskirts of Winnipeg. The Winnipeg of the near past. Luxuries to be found in Winnipeg now. Winnipeg standing at the entrance of the prairie country. The magnificent, boundless country of the prairies. Arriving at Calgary, standing as a sentinel at the entrance to the Rockies. The Rockies. Vancouver. Going back from West to East, and considering the future position of Canada.