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A new thing in the history of the world to have an empire such as the British Empire, and to have the ruling power in that empire wielded by a democracy. Taking the British Empire for granted; failing to realize how unique and new a thing it is in world history. A new kind of government come into existence by a process of evolution in our British Empire. The great part played by our Dominion of Canada in producing this new kind of government. An explication. The growth of the new democracy growing side by side with the growth of that new imperialism. Today democracy in every part of the Empire where there is local self-government entering into its inheritance with a freshness and vigour that mark a new epoch. The Crown today representative rather than the ruler of the people. The Crown as the symbol of the unity and continuity of our national and imperial life. The use Democracy is going to make in this twentieth century, of the power it has increasingly won in the nineteenth. Viscount Bryce's words with regard to an unfortunately gulf between the theory of democracy and what democracy actually reveals. The democracy in our own Dominion of Canada faced with great problems. Keeping together the democracy of east and west. The problem of assimilation. The distribution of wealth. Democracy demanding efficiency in the individual citizen. The elements that go to make up and to safeguard an efficient imperial democracy to be found in certain characteristics of the citizens. A summation of these characteristics under 5-6 headings: the deepened sense of individual civic responsibility; education; loyalty to leadership; discipline; disinterestedness. A brief discussion of each element. The central problem of democracy always the ethical problem.