Vladimir Putin

Zwemer, Samuel M.

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The terms "British Empire" and "Islam" which both stand for great realities; for great spiritual realities; held together by ideals more than by constitutions, by-laws, or by political arrangements. Differences in origin and scope and power, yet with many crossing lines. Outline of the address: a consideration of the Dominions of the British Empire and the Empire of Islam; difficulties that beset them both; duties that are reciprocal; the destiny that hovers over all. A factual comparison of the two Empires. Four reasons for the difficulty about Great Britain having Mohammedans in her Empire, each with some discussion: the political theory of Islam; the social system of Islam which clashes with Anglo-Saxon standards; present-day Nationalism, and a justifiable passion for self-determination; the presence of the Turk. The duties of the Mohammedans to the British, just as real as the duties of the British Empire to the Mohammedans. Details of such duties. Ways in which the British Empire has fulfilled her economic duty. The issue of political duties. Theories in regard to the word destiny. The speaker's belief that the British Government has not only responsibilities and possibilities of economic wealth in the Moslem Empire, but that she has a destiny to fulfil in that Empire.