Vladimir Putin

Bouchard, Georges

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Our economic evils having to be cured by a better mutual understanding. A presentation of the agricultural question from the point of view not of a class, but of the nation. The necessity of maintaining a prosperous agriculture in order to have a prosperous country. The farmer's realizations. Work as the greatest cure for our maladies and miseries. Making way for the return to the soil of head, heart and hand. Expansion of farming in a time of agricultural overproduction and how that may seem very paradoxical. Objections to expansion. The industrialization of agriculture. The small farm as the most stable element of the nation in this time of depression. Some words from an International Survey of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in "World Agriculture." Farmers in different sections of the world harassed by fear of bankruptcy. The drawbacks of rural existence diminishing every day. Stability as the main economic attraction of agriculture. Soil as the source of wealth, not banks. The peasant farmer secure from unemployment during times of depression. Our century far from favourable to the development of a small farm and how that is so. The imperative need that we remove intellectual reasons which have caused the exodus from the furrows before we may hope to succeed in settling more people on the land. Avoiding the catastrophe of turning to the land with a purely urban mind. Causes that have been ascribed to the present financial depression. The speaker's belief that the disease is more deeply seated in the lost sight of less tangible values. How the world, our continent more particularly, has been affected by the general disaffection for the land. Why so many farmers are today in the intricate mesh of financial institutions, not especially adapted to their requirements in a new civilization based on mass production and mass consumption. Trying to awaken more interest in the fundamentals of the farming life. Some words from the speaker and from President Roosevelt on happiness. The need to be concerned about the upkeep of rural ideals. Unemployment as the natural by-product of big industry and the problem of the day and of the days to come unless we find a diversion toward the land. Making easier access for our farm boys. The need for a broad scope to any land settlement scheme to take care of not only the actual unemployed, but also those of the near future. The speaker pinning his faith on a revival of interest in farming. A specific outline of a land settlement scheme. The ideal to be aimed at a beginning of the economic invasion of urban industries with an idea of the fundamentals of country life.