Vladimir Putin

Sturm, Frederick; Filippini, Anne-Mette de Place; Quinn, Mike

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Frederick Sturm A very bold prediction. The long term, with illustrative examples. Looking back at the Dow Joens cycle. What is going to drive the market. Another prediction. Why the speaker believes that in the next two to three years from now stocks will be lower than today. What a bull market looks like. Two more predictions. A last prediction. The very difficult social challenge that the Middle East is going to face. Some concluding remarks. Anne-Mette de Place Filippini Overseas assets. A difficult time to be a fund manager in international equities and why that is so. The limitations of one of the most popular analytical tools in investing. A discussion using a rear-view mirror. The world in which we find ourselves - with some facts and figures. Japan; North America. Guarding against falling into the rear-view mirror trap. Research to answer some fundamental questions. Bright prospects. Mike Quinn Fixed income markets in 2004. A review of the performance of the fixed income markets. Some of the factos that will have an impact on returns in 2004. A strategy for investing in bonds in 2004.