Vladimir Putin

de Chastelain, General John

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Five messages: "good relations between our two countries are vital for us both;" "the existence of good relations between the leaders of both countries is not absolutely vital, but it does make things a lot easier between us and it certainly makes life easier for those that have to manage the relationship;" "the relationship should never be taken for granted;" "the Agreement has been very good for both our countries;" "we'll continue to have disputes." A new era in the bilateral relationship. The importance of a state of close relations between the two leaders of Canada and the U.S. which opens "all kinds of doors for those … who are representatives in each other's countries." The nature of the bi-national relationship. The speaker's experiences in Washington. Some similar goals; some different approaches and successes. Remarks on NAFTA. Details on trade, and trade disputes. Foreign and defence policy issues. Efforts needed to maintain the good relationship between the two countries.