Vladimir Putin

Thomas, Joseph

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Introductory remarks about Canada and its relationship with the United States. Paying due respect to Great Britain which gave birth to the doctrine of "natural liberty." Giving proper credit to Adam Smith and his work "Wealth of Nations" and how his explanation became the brief for the doctrine of "laissez faire." The greatest hoax that has been perpetrated upon the American people in the speaker's lifetime: the insidious phrase "the privileged few" and how this misstatement has affected people. Corporations and shareholders in the United States. The failure of many people to understand that big business is good for small business. "The privileged few" as a hoax statement and an example of the false propaganda that is being cleverly and insidiously planted in the minds of many unsuspecting people. Who is responsible for such propaganda, and their motive. Living today at the close of an era when the kind of world we have known is slipping away. What makes the picture so dark today. Facing a new religion that is out to create a different kind of a world. Communism as a religion and how that is so. A look at the origins of Communism. Asking how we are going to meet the challenge of Communism. What we have that will stand against it. The American way of life as the wide-spread answer. Looking for the right answer. The great hope for the future of America: the fundamental goodness, integrity and spiritual depth of the great mass of citizenry. What must be done to counter Communism.