Vladimir Putin

Le Pan, Nicholas

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The love-hate relationship between the regulator--OSFI--and the institutions they regulate and supervise. Why that is so. Good regulation as an important contributor to public confidence. What the speaker has been saying since becoming Superintendent and reactions to it. Challenging some of the perceptions out there about Canada, about regulators, and about our financial institutions. Other reports about Canada. International efforts and how they have paid off. Other initiatives - for example, The Toronto International Leadership Centre for Financial Sector Supervision. Other illustrative examples of international pursuits. The hate part of the relationship. How regulation has benefits--but also imposes costs. The speaker's job and mandate from Parliament. How regulation begins. A focus on trying to ensure that OSFI has the balance right. How the OSFI might achieve more. What effectiveness means for the speaker. Closing remarks about Canada's regulatory system; success of institutions; Canada's quality brand; OSFI providing leadership and not resting on its laurels.