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Rae, Bob; Filmon, Gary; Savage, John

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Multi-speaker address with questions afterwards. Bob Rae A look at the economy first. What's happening in Ontario and then some of the other changes that are underway. Some facts and figures about unemployment. Going in the right direction in terms of our economy. Control of growth and government spending. Creating new jobs. Bringing down deficits. Rising business and consumer confidence. Increase in exports. Agreement between the speaker and the Western and Atlantic premiers sharing the platform. Changes and reforms across the provinces. Consensus across the provinces that governments have to be more efficient, that we have to live within our means, that duplication and waste have to be eliminated. Moving beyond general areas of agreement to achieve concrete results. The agenda of the Premier's Conference in greater detail. Success with the federal-provincial infrastructure programme. Developing a new practical approach to federalism. Building from within rather than from the top down. Meeting with leaders of the five national aboriginal organisations to discuss issues of mutual interest. Taking "human footsteps" to make progress towards a practical working model of the country and a working model of federalism that improves the country. John Savage Response to a question about Quebec. The issue of health care. Major reforms in the province of Nova Scotia. Transferring health care to the community. Searching for a much better health care system. A focus on the community and on other health care professionals as well as doctors. Gary Filmon Comments about Quebec and health care. Looking for solutions to making health care more effective. Opportunities for private initiatives to deliver services or to improve institutional care. A question and answer period follows, with transcript. Question subjects include trade, rationalisation of government, cutting social programmes, and reducing the debt load.