Vladimir Putin

Graham, Lt. Gen. Howard D.

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Some things that will have an effect upon Canadian currency. The situation in Europe as the speaker found it during his visit. What Britain thought of Canada and Canadian securities. The B.C. Electric expropriation by the British Columbia Government and the fixing of a price without reference to an independent arbitrator: how this affected the British attitude toward Canadian investments. The controversy between the Government and the Governor of the Bank of Canada: the amount of publicity this received in the foreign press and how it affected British opinion of Canada. The action and the future of the Canadian dollar. The responsibility of Canadian promoters and perhaps some brokers or their overseas representatives, of over-selling or being overly-enthusiastic about Canadian securities some four or five years ago. The responsibility of British and European investors themselves for paying too high a price for some Canadian securities just after the mid-50's. The problem of unemployment and how the press reports it. Some positive comments and observations about Canada. The factor of foreign trade in fixing the value of Canadian currency. A review of the reasons and events which led up to the formation of the European Economic Community or the Common Market. The apparent close and co-operative attitude of labour, management and government as an important factor which is affecting the European Community. The need for this co-operation in Canada.