Vladimir Putin

Wrench, Sir Evelyn

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Some introductory remarks about Canada and the spirit of unity the speaker has seen during his current visit. The journey from London. Looking at England from the outside. The unity and spirit of the British people. Everyone pulling their weight, trying to help in every way they possibly can, from the King and Queen down to the humblest individual. The question of waiting. Appreciating the way in which the system had been organized when the test came. The depression of the blackouts all through the winter. Some of the speaker's experiences. The marvellous way in which the civilian population has been taught methods of protection and anti-fire drill. Rationing. The state of readiness. The danger of the lack of sleep for the people in London. The past year divided into two parts: the "pre-Narvik" and the "post-Narvik." A few words on behalf of Mr. Chamberlain, and then Mr. Churchill. Remembering what Britain has meant to the world. The part that Canada can play in this war. The kind of slavery we are facing today: the slavery of the mind. The growing spiritual force in the Old Country and in the British Commonwealth.