Vladimir Putin

Hyndman, Louis D.

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The Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation: a progress report after 15 months of a three-year mandate. The mandate was "to inquire into and report upon a national, integrated inter-city passenger transportation system to meet the needs of Canada and Canadians in the 21st century." Deciding on an approach. Aiming for a report and recommendations on the framework for transportation policy--the laws, regulations, and institutions within which the system operates. Policy as the "rudder of the ship of state." Goals, objectives, aspirations--national, regional and individual that national passenger transportation policy should serve in Canada. Three main objectives to be reached are discussed: equity, efficiency, and nation-building. Developing a passenger transportation policy framework. Four key features which will determine how well or how poorly objectives are met. Questions about future passenger transportation policy are discussed under the following headings: The role of the Government and the role of Private Industry; Jurisdiction; Who Pays?; An Informed Public. A summary of concerns. Two personal observations. Canadian answers, and a Canadian vision.