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Reid, Senator Thomas

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The use and history of opium. Origins of the word "narcotic." The Narcotic Drug Act of the Federal Government. A look at several drugs: marihuana, opium (morphine, heroin and cocaine). Addressing the subject of heroin because it is the great drug of addicts, and it is the one that is troubling the authorities the most. Drug addiction as a serious problem, despite the decrease in manufacture due to the strong hand of the United Nations. Some figures regarding drugs and drug addiction in Canada. A presentation of the equipment with which the drug addict operates. Arguments against educating children about drug addicts and how drugs are used. Effects of taking such drugs. A consideration of the British system where doctors provide addicts with drugs. The lack of crimes committed by drug addicts. The difficulties of curing drug addicts. The primary sources of heroin. Difficulties in preventing drugs from coming into Canada. A consideration of what should be done.