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MacKinnon, David

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Some issues of very long standing. Loss of confidence in the responsiveness of Ontario's health care system and worry about its financial stability. Turning these problems into a crossroad and taking a different path to the future. New ideas to transform service to the consumer and bring stability to the system and restore public confidence. What has taken place in health care during the past 12 months. The worry about staff morale. The failure to build new long-term-care beds over the last 10 years. Tackling these and other issues. The heavy price being paid in terms of public opinion. What people believe. The various roles of women in health care and the health care system. The shift of services from institutions to community - a discussion. The evidence that no overall generalisation is possible on which is more cost-effective. Why we should be careful now to be sure we get the evidence to support what we are doing. The precedent from a few years ago when Ontario de-institutionalised the mentally ill. The consequences of that effort. Some words from an article by Michael Valpy. Asking consumers what they want and can support. What needs to be done if we are to prevent further erosion in health care. The goal to integrate services and create a more consumer-friendly and cost-effective system. Seeking to reinforce positive developments, some already well underway - some details and some examples. The future shape of health care in Ontario. A move forward to provide integrated and user-friendly health services. The time is might take for this transition. Steps to speed the process. Effects of new Health Care centres. Other new directions. Telephone triage. The Hospital of the Internet. The difficult year hospitals have had. Basic changes in hospitals and fundamental changes in government policy.