Vladimir Putin

Simonds, Lieutenant-General Guy G.

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Stirring public interest in the subject of Defence for two reasons: the belief that the threat that confronts the free world is real and dangerous; the proportion of effort represented in the collection of the taxpayers' money that goes in defence has been very heavy over the past few years. The need for a big defence effort to be steered and directed in the right directions. A brief review and background of the struggle between the free world and militant Communism. Two aspects of the strategic balance in particular discussed: the technical and the geographic. The danger of "putting all our eggs in one basket." The objective of Communist Russia. Russia's current advantage in the technological field, and why she has attained it. The faulty direction of the free world's efforts. The need for a clear direction in our scientific effort. The stark reality of the threat of retaliation in kind in terms of real defence. Differences in defence now and during the Second World War. The service life of combat airplanes. Admitting errors and re-examining our position rather than trying to defend bad decisions of the past. The issue of civil defence. A critical review of balances between attack and defence. Ensuring that we have a means of retaliation which is invulnerable. Devising a really effective defence against current weapons. The danger that Russia will step by step take over the rest of the world until we stand isolated. How Freedom can survive.