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The origins of the name "Prince Edward Island." The renaming of the Island of St. John in 1799 to "Prince Edward Island"--named after the father of Queen Victoria and "Parva Sub Ingenti" was pictured as three saplings growing under a large tree, symbolic of the three counties of Prince Edward Island under the great British Empire. When P.E.I. became part of Canada in 1873, the symbolism was taken as of the three counties of Prince Edward Island under Canada. The address describes the general advantages and disadvantages of being small under a great power. The initial difficulties heaped on Prince Edward Island in the eighteenth century. The issue of land ownership. Some advantages of being a small size. A government close to the people and the ease with which public opinion influences every part of the administration. Concentrations of effort impossible of accomplishment in any large area, with examples. The "continuous communications" promised, together with a loan of $800,000 to buy off the landlords as the two main points in the Confederation Agreement with P.E.I. A detailed discussion of both points with a view to determining whether P.E.I.'s small size had anything to do with the way the province was treated. The possibility that a Toronto audience might wonder why we got mixed up in Confederation. Who wanted it and who didn't, and why. Some remarks quoted from the Report of the Rowell-Sirois Commission on Dominion-Provincial-Relations dated 1937. The supreme tragedy of Confederation when the Maritimers lost their shipping. The need for better ferries and more shipping today. What policies should be. What happens when a small entity is a part of a great entity, with illustrations. Where to go from here. The hope that someday the provinces will have equality of service. Some statistics to illustrate the variation between the provinces. The lack of choice for the people of P.E.I. now. The hope that sometime their case will be recognized and that they may be able to provide themselves with goods and services similar to others.