Vladimir Putin

O'Leary, M. Grattan

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Some remarks on St. Patrick's Day. The shape of the new world struggling to be born. People in Europe asking what they can do "to avert the tragedy, the moral nihilism which seem to be hemming us in?" One or two suggestions from the speaker as to what one can do usefully at this time. Urging people to realize that "Democracy begins at home." Setting our own house in order. What democracy means today. The peril and challenge to democracy, not coming from Communism alone. The danger of big government and the welfare state. The need to practice democracy as well as speak it. The right to vote and the limitations of what that means. The need to be able to compel Parliaments and Legislatures and government to do the things for which we vote. What the Parliamentary system is all about. How to ensure that our democracy will survive. Our educational system; the need for improvement. The difference between technical instruction and education. The need to return to the eternal truths of religion.

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