Vladimir Putin

Croft, Brigadier-General Sir Henry Page

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Promoting reciprocal trade as the shortest basis perhaps of Empire unity. The vital nature of the unity today if the great fraternity of people is to take its part in leading civilization back to sanity, progress and prosperity. The preference policy of reciprocity in 1931-32. What that policy has done for Great Britain. Why it was needed. How the preferment of British goods by all the various countries of the Empire under the Ottawa Agreement has helped Britain to survive. An understanding of the extent of the benefits which Canada also has derived from the Ottawa Agreements, with figures. The lesson that Britain's strength is Canada's strength and vice versa. Extending this policy of reciprocity by giving even more materially in all the things that matter, in trade, where possible, in shipping, in finance, in the use of capital, in development and in the flow of population. The speaker's speculation that the present troubles and travail in Canada may be due to the complete cessation of immigration and the fact that new wealth consequently is no longer circulating through all the various wheels of our industry and agriculture. The speaker's belief, as a life-long student of economics, that trade follows population, and that capital follows trade and that mineral development and secondary industries are the components of the capital movement. The speaker's dream of another flow of people of British blood coming to Canada. His suggestion, when speaking out West, of a plan of perhaps five years, of 10,000 settlers with their families coming over. Response to the criticism that Canada already has too many unemployed. How such immigration would actually relieve unemployment. The urgent question of extending the boons of capital advances to the British Dominions Britain was so ready to extend to Continental countries in the past. The costs of defending civilization. Expenditures on defence. Status of the Royal Navy, the Air Force, the Territorial Army. Attempting to promote some form of collective security among that quarter of the world which lives under the common flag of the British Empire. Standing together.