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Canada an infant in arms when measured by the calendar of time. Our life and time and history in Canada measured by centuries; just a little over half-a-century of time in the Canadian West. How much has been accomplished in that comparatively brief list of years from Canada's national point of view. Taking a backward look to the beginning of the span of a generation in Canada: a review. The Canadian of pre-Confederation days. The changed scene in Canada today. The immigrant as we know him unknown a generation ago. Estimates of Canadians in the United States; estimates of those returning to Canada. Realizing what this human inflow into Canada means, as we end a generation span and enter another. Countries represented on the pages of our immigration blue books. The worth of the immigrant to Canada in terms of dollars. Another way of estimating the value of the immigrant: by what he brings in of his money, settler's effects, and stock. The wisdom, occasionally, of looking back; the justification for dwelling on the present with all its allurements; a place for dreaming and for prophesying of the Canada that is to be. Looking forward to the Canada of the future: at increased agricultural production; at Canada's population; our transportation system; settlement of lands; an expanded fishing industry; income from the pulp and paper industry; world trade. Canada on trial now, with the world watcher her. Lifting our eyes to the farther horizon, past material goods. Concern for the character of the social fabric of Canada as a nation. Daring to dream that the coming composite Canadian will uphold the high standards that the best of our Anglo-Saxon civilization has ever held in the past. Optimism for the Canada of tomorrow and for the native-born Canadian.