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Orovan, Dr. Bill

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The most troublesome issue on the minds of Canadians today - their health-care system. The extensive and rapid changes to our health-care system over the past few years, not seen in the last 35 years; the resulting anxiety. Pointing fingers rather than helping hands; rhetoric as opposed to solid debate. Time to change the channel. The lack of leadership, partnership and certainty that ails the health-care system today. What the Ontario Medical Association intends to do to get these issues moving forward. Finding innovative solutions to our health-care dilemma. The lack of a single cause for this crisis in health care. The speaker's belief that it is no longer true that we have the best health-care system in the world. The patient experience. The debate on health-care reform. Confronting the issue and solving the problem. Finding solutions in the Canada Health Act. Some realities. Some comparisons to 15 years ago; moving beyond the increasingly narrow framework of the Canada Health Act. Patient needs. Some demographics and what they mean to our health-care system. Some inherent difficulties in the Canada Health Act. Consequences of restricting the nature of health-care delivery by the provinces. The issue of federal transfer payments. The five principles of the Act. The issue of quality and quality standards, which should be paramount in any national health-care discussion. The issue of accountability. Some basic questions which need to be answered. Private and public funding. How some other countries have handled these issues. Our Canadian system, now dominated by a myth, one which needs to be laid to rest. Having the courage to ask the questions, and to challenge the Canadian Health Act. Action by the Ontario Medical Association. Restoring confidence in our health-care system, and in our ability to forge consensus about a fundamental cornerstone of our collective consciousness.