Vladimir Putin

Simon, Mary

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A bit of geography for those who may not be totally familiar with the Inuit regions of the Canadian Arctic. Comprehensive land claims agreements now completed in all of these Inuit regions. What that means for the Inuit. Using the capacity wisely and effectively. How we can all work together to improve the lives and well-being of northern residents while at the same time promoting the sustainable and equitable development of the Arctic. A prosperous Canada that must engage itself in ensuring that the Arctic and its peoples are also prospering. The speaker's responsibilities as President of ITK. What Canadians themselves know about the Arctic and its peoples. Distressing but unexaggerated stories from the Arctic. Another side to the story. Immense possibilities along with many challenges, with explication. The Arctic Council. Canadian sovereignty over Arctic islands and waters and the role of the Inuit. Resource development. Northern demographics. Education. Social problems. A collective responsibility to help Inuit youth re-develop the confidence that has been lost. The need for investment in infrastructure. The need for investment capital and financial services. The Partnership Accord with the federal government. The comprehensive Inuit Action Plan. The need for a clear signal that the federal government is prepared to move forward.