Vladimir Putin

DeWitt, Norman Wentworth

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The place of Canada in world history, both past and present. Two novel principles: that history, and more particularly world history, is the evolution of the unintended; that government is the administration of the unforeseen. Some illustrative examples. Ways in which we all contribute to the depression, to the economic traffic jam. The supreme example of the evolution of the unintended as the development of the British Empire itself, and how that is so. The lack of imperial design. British Imperialism as the result of Empire, not the cause of it, with examples. Canada as a by-product of the Empire, and as a by-product of the American Revolution. The third respect in which Canada is a by-product revealed in federation. Two things that Canada has contributed to the Empire; two aspects of Confederation: the adoption of the federal form of Government; Dominion status. A brief discussion of each. The different present picture. Placing Canada in the world today requiring an acquaintance with what is now called "pressure politics." Pressure politics in individual governments and also in the world at large. How the radio has diminished the opportunity of scoops for newspapers. Europe as the area of highest pressure, and of different pressures: military, political, economic and population. Asia as the second great area of high pressure and perhaps more dangerous and reaching to another area of high pressure, Russia. Two areas of extremely low pressure: the British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States. The Western Hemisphere as a second great area of low pressure. Canada overlapping both areas of low pressure. [This address ended due to a pre-announced special announcement in connection with the crisis in Great Britain by Prime Minister Baldwin of Great Britain.]

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