Vladimir Putin

Shrontz, Frank

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Some thoughts on the issue of free trade as it applies to the aerospace industry. The reliance on open international markets by manufacturers of commercial airplanes. The example of de Havilland in Toronto. Free trade between Canada and the U.S. in the aerospace industry a fact of life and to a great extent the manufacturing is compatible and not competitive. Factors of protectionism. The move toward privatization that Boeing has played a small role in moving forward. Descriptions of de Havilland and Boeing, and McDonnell Douglas. The increase in internationalization of the industry. Free trade in the industry makes sound economic sense, only when complemented by fair trade. The wish to see consistent financing procedures established worldwide. Progress in this regard. The importance of the Export Development Corporation to counter foreign competition. The necessity of market rules; progress in that regard. The long-term benefits of free trade for the aerospace industry.