Vladimir Putin

Rogge, Herbert H.

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Being future minded in Canada. The speaker's company celebrating its fiftieth anniversary by sponsoring the Conference on Canada's Tomorrow held in Quebec City last November. Some of Canada's important personalities who participated. Some forecasts for Canada looked at during this Conference. The nature and degree of Canada's progress in the recent past. Some figures on growth. How such increases were possible with so few additional people to accomplish them. The growth of manufacturing industries. The changing concept of Canada as resource-based. Taking a look, as an example of this changing concept, at agriculture in Canada. Some new problems to which this fundamental change in our economic pattern has given rise. The increase in interdependence of forces in industrialization. Post-war conditions giving way to the current picture. Recalling the nature of manufacturing costs in a mass-production industry. The dilemma of the mass-production industries in Canada. The small domestic market. Cost differential. Competition. Legislative action which weakened the provisions of the anti-dumping law. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. The realization that tariffs are only a minor factor under present chaotic conditions of world trade and finance, bedevilled by managed currencies, competitive currency devaluations, arbitrary and discriminatory exchange controls, inconvertibility of currencies, discriminatory export and import quotas, customs regulations, etc. Effects of the war and the post-war re-adjustment obscuring potential consequences. The accumulated impacts, long delayed, now asserting themselves on what is now the greatest single source of Canada's prosperity, the manufacturing industry. Some examples. An examination of the textile; steel; and electrical apparatus and supply industries, and some of the effects previously discussed. International trade. Tariffs and the need to protect Canada's developing industrial complex as well as sell our products abroad. The issue of high wage rates and the present Canadian scale of living, with regard to competing internationally with big-market mass-produced goods. Suggestions for solutions. National trade policies. The need for a review of our policies in the light of the new world economic climate. Some Canadian statistics on unemployment. The need for a trade policy that provides equalization of opportunity for Canadian industry. The need to be flexible and ready to adapt to changing circumstances.

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