Vladimir Putin

Paulin, Captain J.B.

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The disease of war-weariness; fighting that disease. Everything that we hold dear hanging on victory or defeat in this War. The criticisms of those at home who are immune from the awfulness of this war as the greatest casualty of all; too much of that criticism abroad in our land today. Thinking of the situation of the men who face the enemy. Shame on us today if we grow discouraged. The wonderful spirit of the people back in old England, Scotland, Wales and part of Ireland. The war work of the women. The work of the British Navy and the mercantile Marine. Achievements of the Canadians. The speaker's witness to the initial stages of the battle which resulted in our taking Vimy Ridge. Work done by the infantry, and the engineers. Words from Lloyd George. Some words on retaliation. Fighting on the made democracy safe for the world.